Selection Process

All received applications go through a selection process. Considering they match the overall DLGS scientific remit and concern for producing knowledge to enhance spatial sustainability transformations. Applicants are free to design research proposals according to their individual interests and abilities. However, they must ensure that their applications:

  • Address the topic of the call and/or the DLGS scientific profile and remit
  • Align with IOER research areas (one or several)
  • Have identified a suitable supervisor (professor) at the TU Dresden / IOER

DLGS has a centralised application process: All applications are received through the online application portal. In the first step, they are evaluated against the eligibility criteria and then forwarded further for evaluation by the Management Board and the Scientific Coordinator. In addition to the selection criteria (relevance, scientific soundness, innovativeness, feasibility), key balancing criteria (gender, disciplines, geography) are also considered – see Guide for applicants for details. Selected applicants are invited for an interview.

Eligibility Criteria:

All applications are evaluated against these eligibility criteria:

  1. First Master’s degree obtained within the last 3 years before application (date of certificate).
  2. Total grade obtained for the Master’s degree "good" or better (corresponding to German level "gut").
  3. Research proposal within a scope that clearly
    1. addresses the topic of the current DLGS call for scholarship applications and scientific remit in case of open applications
    2. aligns with IOER research areas (one or several)
    3. identifies suitable supervisors (professors) at the TU Dresden / IOER
  4. Complete application (in English only) including the online form and all supporting documents requested.

For rolling applications and applications for visiting doctoral candidates, DLGS screens applications using the same criteria as mentioned above. Selected candidates are invited to online interviews. The review process is usually completed within three months after the submission of the application. The final decision follows soon after the interview.

After the interview, selected applicants are offered scholarship positions to carry out their doctoral research under DLGS structured program. All positions are conditional on acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the respective TU Dresden faculty.

Our selection of fellows strives for coherence, complementarity and synergies within every cohort and in relation to previous cohorts. This allows us to build a vibrant community of young researchers engaging in a shared path of knowledge production and co-creation.

Selection process at DLGS for received applications