DLGS Alumni Meet

In October, DLGS was proud to host a short meet-up between DLGS alumni and the current candidates in Dresden. The highlight of the event was the presentation on "areer pathways post PhD" given by Lita Akmentina, who was a scholarship holder at DLGS between 2012 and 2015, and is currently a Post-doctoral researcher at Riga Technical University, Latvia.

Other alumni who are based in Dresden, or were here for a guest research stay also joined the discussion that mainly included recommendations for career development, with suggestions to register and visit job fairs held frequently in Germany, networking during your PhD period, attending conferences and staying in touch with other senior scientists in your field. The alumni answered with their own personal experiences on questions about skills that they garnered during their PhD that helped them in their jobs afterwards. The main message, often repeated, was to not chase "perfection" but instead to adapt a pragmatic approach in finishing the dissertation within the funding period. And as they always say: "A good dissertation is a done dissertation. A great dissertation is a published dissertation. A perfect dissertation is neither"