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Considered an important milestone in the DLGS Academic program, the Autumn School this year was held on 21st of September, and as a preceding event to the IOER Annual Conference. It was great to meet people live again and socialize on site at the Deutsches-Hygiene museum, Dresden.

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Riyan Habeeb during the presentation

Recently, Riyan Habeeb from DLGS cohort-10 presented on the topic 'Evidences of Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Water Security: Aspect, Scale and Implementation' at Third World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) titled - 'Cities as Social Ecological Systems' held in Poznan, Poland from 6-9 July 2021.


Skyscrapers and people in the fisheye

DLGS announces PhD scholarships for young scientists in the field of spatial sustainability science to explore the topic of envisioning future places for transformative change. The deadline for applications to the call is 15th September, 2021. The program starts on 1st March 2022.

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Scrabble pieces, some through and through, some legible: Work from home

Doing a Ph.D. is arguably one of the most difficult undertakings that scholars can pursue in their academic careers. While research topics and work styles of candidates vary, those who come out from the experience share a common understanding of the struggles and challenges that come with it.

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DLGS is pleased to welcome three new colleagues that constitute the cohort: DLGS 2021, who started successfully at the beginning of March. The fellows were selected in competitive process where they responded with a research proposal on the topic of urban heat and drought under the bigger umbrella of spatial sustainability transformations and will now spend the next three years working on their individual thesis related to the above topic. Their work is also closely related to the IOER research area on Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development.

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Deadline extended till March 31st

DLGS would like to invite doctoral candidates working on the topics related to space and transformation to participate in the Autumn School on September 22nd, 2021. This year it is organised as a preceding event to the IOER Annual Conference 2021. The purpose of the Autumn School is to provide a platform for doctoral candidates to present their on-going research projects, and socialise with peers and other senior researchers.

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windows with blinds

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’, no quote can better summarize my first year at DLGS than Charles Dickens (in A Tale of Two Cities). I arrived in Dresden late February 2020 to start my PhD which focuses on inquiring how nature-based solutions can be deployed for urban water security in global south.

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On 21st of July, 2020, Prof. Marc Wolfram, Chair of the Management Board of DLGS and Dr. Shikha Ranjha, the scientific coordinator of the DLGS, met with Dr. Anna Martius, Managing Director of Boysen-TU Dresden-Graduiertenkolleg, to discuss possibilities for a future collaboration. Both, the DLGS and the current Research Training Group (RTG) at Boysen Kolleg have a strong focus on interdisciplinary research, as well as the broader challenge of sustainability transitions. Therefore, both sides agreed to further expand collaboration on joint activities and formats such as training courses or…

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City in the desert with roads and skyscrapers

'Glowing cities: Heat and drought in urban context'

DLGS announces PhD scholarships for young scientists in the field of spatial sustainability science to explore the topic of heat and drought in urban context. The deadline for applications to the call was 15th September, 2020. The program starts on 1st March 2021.

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On March 21, 2020 DLGS fellows were invited by the PhD fellows of the Boysen-TU Dresden-Graduiertenkolleg for a colloquium on the topic of methods in social science. This was an exciting opportunity for the PhD fellows of both the facilities to host a peer-to-peer dialogue on interdisciplinary methods.