PhD Defence - Fahim Nawaz

In the list of PhD defense at DLGS, another addition was made last week, where Fahim Nawaz successfully defended his dissertation at the Faculty of Business and Economics, TUD.

His dissertation entitled: “Three essays on determinants of radicalization – a case of North Western Pakistan” looked at why individuals in the society are prone to radicalization and what are the possible determinants for it at macro, meso, and micro scale in North Western Pakistan . Fahim was a scholarship holder at Dresden Leibniz Graduate School for the period 2019-2022 and did his dissertation under the umbrella topic of sustainable, inclusive, and resilient cities and regions. He was supervised by Prof. Dr. Marcel Thum and Prof. Dr. Christian Lessmann at TUD. You can find more about Fahim's work, which was covered in the recent newsletter of the Faculty.

Fahim's next career steps involve going back to his home country Pakistan, and take up on a teaching position at the University in Peshawar.