Subhashree Nath participates in a workshop on Climate resilience cities in India

In February, Subhashree Nath of DLGS 2021 cohort, had the opportunity to attend a comprehensive four-day training workshop organized by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) in Delhi. The workshop, titled "Climate Resilience Cities: An Integrated Planning and Design Approach," provided essential insights into various drivers of heat gains in different urban morphologies, as well as potential heat sources and sinks.

The workshop took place at CSE's innovative training and research centre in Rajasthan, the Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI). The workshop provided training to participants on using GIS to visualize various urban heat hotspots using remote-sensing data and various satellite imagery. The workshop's theoretical discussions were complemented by hands-on fieldwork, where participants collected data to compare exposure to heat in two morphologically different sites and presented their findings. In addition to exploring key topics related to urban heat, the workshop also offered a deep dive into current, and in-progress Indian policies related to climate adaptation and mitigation, including the India Cooling Action Plan and the National Mission on Sustainable Habitat. Nath was able to engage with experts in the field, discuss policy implications, and gain a deeper understanding of India's long-term low-carbon development pathways. This workshop has been conducive to Nath's ongoing research on community-based climate change adaptation in under-resourced communities. Her pilot study is based in Delhi, India.