Academic and Professional Qualifications

What Academic background should I have to apply?
The announcement is aimed at excellent graduates with a Master’s degree in any field of pertinence for studying spatial sustainability transformations, such as geography, urban and regional planning, urban studies, environmental sciences, science and technology studies, geoinformatics, civil engineering, architecture, economics, sociology, political sciences, and anthropology, etc. Applicants from any disciplines are welcome as long as they are able to convincingly relate their research proposal to the DLGS call topic, DLGS scientific profile and remit, and IOER research areas. Applicants must hold a Master’s degree (at least a two-year Master’s programme and a Master’s thesis) from a recognized university.

It has been a while since I finished my Master’s studies. Can I still apply?
You can apply if no more than three years have passed since the date of receiving your Master’s degree certificate, counting from the application deadline.

How do I know if my university/degree is eligible for consideration?
We will assess your qualifications after receiving your application. If you have doubts about your university/degree, please contact the International Office of the TU Dresden for a preliminary assessment .

How do I know if the total Grades obtained in my Masters is equivalent to ‘good’ or better (‘gut’ in the German grading system)?
Master degrees obtained from countries other than Germany are subject to a grade conversion process in order to see whether the grading is equivalent to the German standard of ‘gut’ (good) or better. In many German universities the grades from 1.51 to 2.50 are considered ‘gut’.

To help you obtain a first orientation, you can use this online tool for grade conversion formula offered by the TU Munich. It allows you to convert your grades obtained abroad into the German equivalent:

Please note that indications of this tool are in no way binding for the DLGS, and that the final selection depends exclusively on the grade conversion calculated after submission by the International Office of TU Dresden.

What documentation do I have to submit?
Please refer to the Guide for Applicants. You are required to upload the following documentation in the DLGS application form:

  • Digital copies of original certificates and transcripts documenting your academic qualifications (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, University entrance qualification*)
  • Digital copy of your certificate of English proficiency test

Documents must be issued by the institution where you studied, with their official seal and/or stamp and the signature of their representatives. Photographs of documents will not be accepted. Whenever official documents are written in a language other than English of German, applicants must submit both the original version and an authorized translation provided by an official institution. Certified true copies of these documents are to be sent to the DLGS Office at a later stage of the application process.
*University entrance qualification here is the official certificate you receive when completing the level of school which qualifies you for admission to a university or another higher academic institution. 

I have not graduated yet - can I submit my application form without a final Master’s transcript / certificate?
If you expect to finish your Master’s degree before the application deadline but final Master’s transcripts and certificates are not yet available, you are requested to upload the latest transcripts of records or mark sheets recording your study activities. Applicants nearing completion of their Master’s degree may be provisionally accepted. Note that registration at the TU Dresden is contingent upon completion of all requirements before the DLGS Programme starts.

Please note, in order to start the program in March, one must be able to provide all the degree certificates and transcripts by January.