General Issues

Do I have to search for a supervisor before I apply?
Yes. All applicants are required to demonstrate that their research proposal can potentially be supervised by a suitable professor at TU Dresden or IOER (the institute shares several joint professor appointments with TUD). Therefore, you must inform yourself about the options available at the institute and the different faculties of the university, and suggest up to three potential supervisors (professors) in the application form. Important: Do not contact any potential supervisors yourself. This will be done by the DLGS following your application submission.

Is there an age limit or other restriction on applications?
Admission to DLGS is without regard to race, gender, physical disability, religion or nationality. Selection is based on the evaluation criteria (please refer to the Guide for applicants) and an applicant’s potential to succeed. The DLGS is tailored towards young graduates and aims to support future sustainability leaders. Therefore it is important to note that the date of receiving your first Master’s degree certificate should not be older than three years, counting from the date of the application deadline.

Can I re-apply if my application has been unsuccessful?
There is no barrier to re-application. Please mention in your motivation letter if you have already applied in the past. In your new application, you should demonstrate how the conditions for your application have improved. We may draw upon all information from your previous applications when assessing your suitability for the DLGS.

Can I get a feedback or comments on my application?
Due to the high number of annual applications, the DLGS does not give any feedback and cannot comment on individual applications, or give reasons for why an application was unsuccessful.

I don't need a scholarship. Is there a way to benefit from the DLGS without being funded?
It is possible to join the doctoral programme without applying for funding. See also rolling applications for open topics. However, all applicants must pass through the same admission procedure

If I already have a PhD, can I still apply for a DLGS scholarship?
No. We do not admit applicants already holding PhD degrees (even if these are in a different research field).

I am already studying for a PhD at a different university / in a different programme. Can I apply for a DLGS scholarship and transfer to Dresden?
Yes. Applicants who are currently enrolled in another doctoral programme or who are studying at a different university are subject to the same review process as all other applicants. If you are offered admission to DLGS you will have to quit the other programme and/or scholarship and apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the TU Dresden.

How will you notify me if my application is successful?
If you are selected for the programme, you will be informed directly by e-mail. This will be done immediately after the decision has been taken by the DLGS. Please ensure that you provide a valid e-mail address when completing the application form. All correspondence regarding the selection process will be sent to this email address. Please ensure that your inbox accepts these emails and that you check your emails regularly.

My specific question has not been answered by these FAQs. What should I do?
If you still have unanswered questions, please contact the DLGS Office: