Claire Gallacher at Arizona State University

In May this year, Claire Gallacher, a member of the DLGS cohort 2021, had the opportunity to visit Arizona State University and participate in the International Congress of Biometeorology.

The primary purpose of her visit was to present her doctoral research, which focuses on a novel, cost-effective, and interdisciplinary approach to thermal comfort mapping for evidence-based urban planning. Additionally, the conference provided Claire with the chance to network and engage with leading experts in the field of urban biometeorology.

During her time at Arizona State University, Claire was hosted by the SHaDE Lab, a prominent urban climate research group led by Dr. Ariane Middel. Collaboratively, they conducted comparative measurements utilising both the lab's state-of-the-art meteorological cart, affectionately named "MaRTy," and Claire's own affordable and portable climate monitoring device. This collaborative effort had the focus of validating the accuracy and reliability of Claire’s low-cost monitoring device in comparison to the established equipment used by the SHaDE lab