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On the topic "Space & Transformation: Living in harmony with nature".

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Last Friday, December 15th, DLGS Winter School unfolded, dedicated to discussions on research related to urban futures. Organized by DLGS and hosted by IOER, the event brought together a diverse group of scholars working in this field.

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Riyan’s dissertation focussing on Urban water Security and Nature based solutions, was defended at the Faculty of Architecture, TUD.

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On Dec 4th and Dec 5th, 2023, a workshop on Transformative Leadership was organised for the PhD candidates. It was offered by the Collective Leadership Institute, Berlin.

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Urban Futures - Shaping Sustainable Cities.

In July this year, Varsha, a member of the DLGS 2022-25 cohort secured a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Sustainable futures summer school organised by the Urban Futures studio at the Utrecht University, Netherlands.

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In May this year, Claire Gallacher, a member of the DLGS cohort 2021, had the opportunity to visit Arizona State University and participate in the International Congress of Biometeorology.