Raghid Shehayeb at EGU 2023

Raghid Shehayeb, of cohort 2021 presented a poster on his doctoral work at the European Geosciences Union conference in Vienna. 

The General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union EGU23 in Vienna was an opportunity for Raghid Shehayeb (DLGS 2021) to present part of his doctoral research, and exchange with international experts and colleagues working on a diverse range of topics including hydro-meteorological hazards, as well as related social and ecological vulnerabilities. Raghid presented a poster that offers a systematic conceptualization of the drought and heat situation for urban green infrastructure, and an operationalization method based on spatiotemporal indicators. The method allows local actors, researchers, and consultants to assess the multi-risks for urban green infrastructure.

The EGU23 began on the 24th of April 2023 and concluded on the 28th of April with more than 18,000 attendees participating in disciplinary and transdisciplinary sessions, and multiple formats such as posters, oral presentations, and town-hall meetings.

More information on the presented work can be found here: