Transformative Leadership workshop empowers PhD candidates for collaborative research

Transformative leadership is an essential part of the DLGS program. In an effort to facilitate these skills among PhD candidates, a two-day workshop, "Transformative Leadership" was organised at IOER on Dec 4th and Dec 5th, 2023. It was conducted by Ms. Cholpon Aitakhunova, project manager at Collective Leadership Institute, Berlin.

The workshop, which spanned two half-days, utilized the ©Collective Leadership Compass methodology, a multi-level guiding tool that fostered transformative leadership and collaboration. Participants delved into system change designs and diagnostic approaches, equipping themselves to identify patterns within collaborative contexts. The focus shifted from individual to collectively developed research, fostering skills crucial for entering multi-actor partnerships. The workshop aimed to empower the candidates to design and drive transformative research projects and implement change in collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

As part of the social activity, a dinner was also organised on the evening of Dec 4th for all participants of the workshop.