Autumn School 2021

DLGS is excited to announce that Autumn School, 2021 will be held on September 22nd at Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden. The program is lined up with presentations from invited doctoral candidates, workshop for PhD candidates by Prof. Dr. Julia Leventon, and an afternoon networking event.

Autumn School is a preceding event to the IOER Annual Conference 2021 .

The aim is to provide doctoral candidates with the opportunity to present their on-going research work and discuss different theoretical and epistemological approaches, with experts and other researchers;

The 2021 DLGS Autumn School comprises of:

  • Presentations by doctoral candidates: Each candidate presents their work in a 10 minute presentation, which is followed by a 20 minute discussion.
  • Workshop by Prof. Dr. Julia Leventon (Czech Academy of Sciences) for doctoral candidates on ' Systems thinking for knowledge integration and collaboration '.
  • Social activities to foster networks and share thoughts on the day's sessions.


Wednesday | 22.09.2021






Welcome and introduction
Prof. Dr. Marc Wolfram, IOER, TU Dresden


Session A1 | Session A2


Coffee break


Session B1 | Session B2




Prof. Dr. Julia Leventon, Czech Academy of Sciences


Coffee break




Reflection and outlook

Workshop: Systems thinking for knowledge integration and collaboration

When we talk about responses to sustainability crises, we often talk about needing systems change. In this workshop, we will work with systems-thinking approaches to unpack what we mean by systems change. We will explore our answers to the following questions:

  • Which systems need to change?
  • How is change created?
  • What role does our research play in contributing to systems change?

In addressing this final question, we will start to work with systems thinking as an organizing concept, or boundary object that helps us deal with complexity and plurality. We will start to position our own work within focal systems, and relative to the work of our colleagues, to understand the links between our work, even where our topics or concepts may seem very different. I hope that by the end of the session, you will have ideas on how you might work with systems thinking in the future to shape your research and collaborations.


Covid related hygiene measures. These measures are valid for Wednesday, September 22nd (in addition to the IOER Annual Conference, 2021).

Deutsches-Hygiene Museum room plan.