DLGS Winter School explored Urban Futures Research and Methodologies

Last Friday, December 15th, DLGS Winter School unfolded, dedicated to discussions on research related to urban futures. Organized by DLGS and hosted by IOER, the event brought together a diverse group of scholars working in this field.

Presentations on Various Topics: The Winter School featured presentations from 15 PhD students, from DLGS, IOER and external institutions, covering a spectrum of urban-centric sustainability research. Topics ranged from critical explorations of planning and user experience in medium-size cities, policy effects on urban densification, policy paradigm shift for Barcelona’s superblocks to interdisciplinary approaches for evidence-based urban planning, quantifying urban shrinkage, and analyzing heat and drought risks for urban green infrastructure.

Workshop: 'Out of sight, out of mind’ – promoting sustainability in urban planning through representations

Led by Hanne Cecilie Geirbo, Associate Professor in Sustainability Transitions at Oslo Metropolitan University, the workshop explored the transformative impact of representations on shaping sustainable perceptions and behaviors. Participants delved into how maps and digital tools influence worldviews, drawing inspiration from alternative representations for sustainable living. Geirbo, with experience in pioneering a solar grid in Bangladesh, addressed urban development challenges, emphasizing innovative representations in harmonizing cityscapes with nature. The workshop ended with a critical examination of everyday apps, prompting reflection on their impact and fostering a mindset of critical thinking.

The Winter School's fusion of research oriented presentations and methodological workshop provided a platform for engaging discussions and insights.

SAVE THE DATE: September 25th, 2024, DLGS will organise its international summer school for doctoral students as a preceding event to IOER Conference (Sep 26th, 27th) under the heading "Space & Transformation: Living in harmony with nature"