Summer School

The DLGS Summer School for doctoral students will take place on 25th September, 2024 as part of the IOER Conference "Space & Transformation: Living in harmony with nature"

Organized in conjuction with the IOER annual conference, the summer school will feature panels with student presentations and a training workshop led by Prof. James Evans (University of Manchester).

  • Ph.D. candidates from across Germany and abroad will present their research in 15-minute presentations, followed by discussions
  • IOER Faculty and Senior Staff as well as members of the Management Board and Advisory Council will provide individual feedback and expert input. Prof. Martina Artmann, Prof. Robert Knippschild, Prof. Artem Korzhenevych, Dr. Gerd Lintz, Dr. habil. Regine Ortlepp, Dr. Diego Rybski, Prof. Wolfgang Wende, and Prof. Marc Wolfram will be in attendance
  • Prof. Evans’ interactive workshop, titled “Co-producing urban research: methods, experiences and insights”, will offer practical guidance on the co-production of research, discussing methods and approaches that can work in practice
  • There will be ample additional opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange and networking
  • All formal presentations and discussions will be conducted in English

Registration for the Summer School (25th September) has closed: Attendance for the Summer School is free of charge for all invited participants. Additional DLGS and IOER Staff are welcome to attend. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation.

Registration for the IOER conference (26th and 27th September): All participants in the Summer School are welcome to attend the IOER conference. Fees apply to non-DLGS or IOER atendees. To register, follow instructions on the IOER conference website.

For questions, please contact Dr. Nora Gortcheva.

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